Sunday, May 13, 2007

Kiwi's Kabataan Partylist Video

This is for a more peaceful election in the Philippines!
Iboto Kabataan!

The video is karaoke style, so sing/rap along!

music by kiwi
video by ET (

For the workers
For the students
For the peasants
For the women
For the poor
For the hungry
For the youth
KABATAAN (partylist)

Human rights
For our people
For our nation
For our future
For our life
KABATAAN (partylist)

This is our mission / this is our struggle
This is history rewritten.... this is for the children
Switchin' up the drama of this system / now listen
The youth are in the building / bringing you a newer vision

It's time to mobilize / take to the streets and organize
Take control of our lives / see the world with open eyes
The youth see through the lies / and we want what is just
They're sayin we're the future, so the future's up to US!

It's our basic right to get a decent education
So we can have the tools to really build a better nation
Para sa ating bayan nyayon ay lumalaban
Isangmahal sa lahat ng mga KABATAAN!!!

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