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Kabataan Partylist is texters, bloggers' choice

Kabataan Partylist is texters, bloggers' choice

Kabataan Partylist has been receiving messages of support and endorsements from different youth personalities and groups in the homestretch of its electoral campaign.

Consumer and mobile rights advocacy group TXTPower officially endorsed Kabataan Partylist as it relaunched its website . Filipino-American youth organizations and cause-oriented groups have started sending messages through text and the internet as part of their TEXT B.A.C.K. Internet Blast in support of Kabataan Partylist.

This morning, Kabataan Partylist President and First Nominee Raymond Palatino met with fellow bloggers to finalize the "Kabataan Cyber-Fever" which aims to link up Filipino bloggers in support of Kabataan Partylist.
Present were Shari Cruz (, who bagged the Best Personal Blog Award in this year's Philippine Blog Awards; Victor Villanueva (, who is also a finalist in the same category; Jay Rocas from the De La Salle University in Dasmarinas ( Four-eyed Journal), and; Vencer Crisostomo ( Student Strike) and Sarah Katrina Maramag ( Adarna's Attic) of the Young Radicals blog.

Prominent blogger and analyst Manuel L. Quezon III (MLQ3) earlier endorsed Kabataan Partylist in his blog ( )

Kabataan's Palatino maintains his own blog (mongser's nest) and is Global Voices Online's Filipino correspondent

Here are some of the support statements for Kabataan:

On Hello Garci 3rd anniv, TXTPower relaunches site,
endorses Kabataan, warns vs fraud

Consumer advocacy and mobile activist organization TXTPower today openly endorsed Kabataan Partylist even as it warned against a repeat of the Hello Garci scandal in Monday's elections.

Today is the third anniversary of the May 10, 2004 elections which were marred by the Hello Garci scandal which exploded following the discovery of an audiotaped cellphone conversation between President Arroyo and Commission on Elections Commissioner Virgilio Garcillano.

To mark the occasion, TXTPower today relaunched its website as a portal and team blog. Reposted on the site were the original Hello Garci ringtone and a YouTube video based on it.

The Hello Garci ringtone became the most popular political ringtone in 2005.

In a statement, the group said that "Kabataan Partylist fully supports TXTPower's advocacy of consumer and political rights. Kabataan Partylist is 100-percent behind TXTPower in batting for lower prices and better services, in battling abusive big companies, in demanding an end to government neglect of consumer welfare. Kabataan Partylist vows to be the champion and voice of Pinoy texters and telecommunication consumers inside Congress."

TXTPower vowed to form text and email brigades in the homestretch of Kabataan Partylist's campaign.

"We hope President Arroyo would no longer call any Comelec official to ensure the victory of her favored candidates. No to a Hello Garci part two," said the group.

The relaunched team blog have the following initial members: physicists Kim Gargar and Dr. Gani Tapang, environmentalist Trixie Concepcion, IT expert Ric Bahague, writer Tonyo Cruz, journalist
Ederic Eder, student leaders Vencer Crisostomo, Jhayvie Dorado and Ana Gabriela Celestial. ###

TEXT B.A.C.K. Internet Blast


Please take a minute to send the following message to your relatives
and friends in the Philippines. Send them via text message, e-mail,
Yahoo messenger, gmail chat or any other form. Post them to various
listserves, websites, discussion groups. Send them as testimonies on
friendster or messages on myspace. Any which way, just spread them as
far and wide as possible:


(Translation: If you love our motherland, fight against cheating.
Oppose political killings!
Don't be fooled by traditional politicians, vote for progressives)

TEXT BACK (Brigade Against Cheating & Killings) - USA

"Our votes may not count, but our voices will be heard:
No to cheating! Stop Political Killings!
Vote for Progressive Party Lists!"
Sarah Katrina Maramag, 09193486790

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