Friday, May 18, 2007

6/10 Jose Maria Sison Book Reading in NYC

Join Anakbayan NY/NJ and BAYAN USA as they organize a tribute to a Filipino youth leader and revolutionary Jose Maria Sison.

As the Philippines continues to hit the international radar as the Second Front to the so-called US War on Terror and with numerous international human rights watchdogs denouncing the intensified counter-insurgency tactics and human rights crisis under the US- Arroyo regime, the broadening anti-US interventionist movement in the Asia Pacific region also continues to build.

Philippine Society and Revolution (PSR), penned by a young Jose Maria Sison under the pseudonym Amado Guerrero, was first released in 1970 and received as subversive literature at a time of intense US-initiated conflict in the Asia Pacific region-- particularly the Vietnam War. The US government retained it biggest military stronghold in the Philippines with the largest overseas US bases stationed in the Philippine island of Luzon.

Despite being banned by the US-Marcos dictatorship at the time, PSR immediately earned its place as the premier historical account of the basic problems of the Filipino people at the hands of US imperialism, backward agrarian practices, and government corruption. PSR inspired generations of Filipino youth and students to take on the cause of genuine nationalism and push for an intensified national democratic movement in the Philippines that continues to frustrate US political and economic intervention in Philippine affairs to this day. The re-surged Philippine movement now stands as the longest-running anti-colonial revolution in the Asia-Pacific region.

Jose Maria Sison, founding Chairperson of the Kabataan Makabayan (Nationalist Youth) and one of the longest-held political prisoners under Martial Law, is currently the Chairperson of the International League of Peoples' Struggle (ILPS). . He is a victim of the US War on Terror having been listed as a terrorist by the US State Department shortly after the deployment of US troops to the Philippines after September 11th.

Sison has remained one of the sharpest and most vocal critics of US foreign policy, especially in the Asia-Pacific region. Jose Maria Sison: At Home in the World is a literary endeavor to bring to the world audience the true person being demonized by the US in a futile attempt to isolate one of the world's leading anti-imperialists.

Since 1987, Sison has resided in the Netherlands as a recognized political refugee. A 2004 court ruling by the European Union endangers the residency status of Sison in Europe. An international campaign to defend the rights of Jose Maria Sison is currently being carried around the world.

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Dear mga kasama,

Kumusta kayo lahat. Medyo nagba-browse ako sa sites nyo for a translation of the AB Constitution.
Lengua told me that you might have ( AB here have not translated it yet), but i can't find it in the sites of any AB in US.

We just joined the World Federation of Democratic Youth and they were asking for our consti.

If you have pls. hope we can get a copy? And also so we can share with our international networks.

I wrote ab-ny/nj, email bounced.

salamat po.

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