Sunday, February 17, 2008

Youth ACT NOW!

Youth ACT NOW!
A Call to the Filipino Youth to Stand Up for Truth

As the nation faces an intense political and moral crisis, the Filipino youth is called upon to take up its role as bearers of the future and stand up for truth and accountablity in government. The Filipino youth must act now.

We are youth, students and professionals from different organizations, schools, colleges, universities, workplaces and communities. We unite in collective aspiration to knock on the conscience of our leaders and to awaken hope in the spirit of the Filipino people to bring forth a movement for truth and social change.

We commend Rodolfo "Jun" Lozada, Jr. for divulging truths with regard to anomalies and corrupt acts in government. We admire the courage and determination he showed as he faced efforts of government forces to harrass his person in order to stop him from testifying in Senate investigations.

We express our solidarity with various church groups, the business sector, people's organizations and concerned Filipino citizens who have similarly expressed confidence in Mr. Lozada's sincerity and credibility.

We believe that national leaders should be accountable to the people and that government officials should portray the highest standards of morality and integrity to be able to propel the nation towards genuine progress, justice and peace.

As young people moved with our conscience and aspirations for good governance and accountability for wrong deeds done, we condemn the following acts by government:

· The attempted cover-up and past and present whitewash of evidence implicating Mrs. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, the First Gentleman and the First Family, along with Malacanang's minions, in numerous issues of bribery and corruption and other shady deals of government;

· The gross and systematic plunder of the country's coffers and resources for the benefit of a few influential government officials and cronies;

· The Arroyo administration's shameless disregard of the intensity and effects of such allegations and its continuous brushing off of still unresolved issues of bribery and corruption despite overwhelming public clamor for morality, transparency and accountability; and

· The blatant and unabashed misuse of the administration machinery, including the Department of Justice, the Philippine National Police, the Armed Forces of the Philippines and other agencies of government, to conspire in the further deception of the people and betrayal of public trust.

The government has lost its moral ascendancy to govern due to the long list of scandals, electoral fraud and corruption issues that have mired its rule. The Arroyo administration has long ceased to perform as a role model government for the youth. It has caused the widespread disillusionment among young people and have been a disappointment to the youth's desire to instill reforms in government.

We call on the government of Mrs. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to stop efforts to cover-up the truth and be accountable for its immoral and corrupt acts. The government's desperate efforts to continuously cling to power have sown deep social discontent and division among the people.

We strongly believe in the sovereign right that rests on the people to change a morally bankrupt and corrupt regime with a conscientious leadership that can genuinely unite the nation and can bring forth meaningful social change.

YOUTH ACT NOW against a morally bankrupt government. YOUTH ACT NOW for truth, accountability and meaningful change.


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