Sunday, February 01, 2009

Bowling and Burgers

Photos courtesy of Bea Bianca Maderazo

For the busy members of Anakbayan NY/NJ, a much needed R & R (Rest & Recreation) was in order. Last friday, January 30, 2009, AB NY/NJ members and friends indulged themselves in a night of bowling and burgers. None of them played bowling as a hobby, although some took cues from WiiSport and others relied solely in the strength of their upper bodies thus explaining the lack of accuracy. Every single one proudly wore neon green and pink bowling shoes and took turns in knocking down some pins, cheering for their team and jeering for those who were either too good or too lousy (kidding!).

Anakbayan members, as fierce as they are in marching for human rights and protesting against GMA, were lessened to non-life-threatening mortals when it came to bowling. Jules, their newest member , proved to be a worthwhile bowler as she had the most strikes during the game (go lefties!). Jacq brought her Wii skills from her home into the bowling lanes (may WiiSport be with you) while John was mastering his spinning ball technique triple time. Bea, Bianca and Kat pushed their luck and had to make up their lack of ability and brawns with enthusiasm and humor. Yves and Jonna were surprisingly good for beginners, it was as if they brought their political agitation to Hudson Lanes. Yancy, fabulous as he is, was not so popular with the bowling pins but he did score some mean strikes! Jose brought his A-game during those two hours and Mike’s upper body strength did not hold up to his lessened visual acuity although he did make some serious pin-knocking. In the same way that they scored and hit those otherwise immovable bowling pins, the members and friends of AB NY/NJ hope that the collective strength of the youth topple down the ratty Arroyo regime and the crimes it continues to burden the Filipino people to this day.

After bowling, everyone proceeded to Wendy’s for nutrional (junkfood) refueling and loud conversations. They shared french fries as well as hilarious jokes and experiences. The members of Anakbayan NY/NJ are almost always knee-deep in various meetings, campaigns and mobilizations that when an opportunity such as mediocre bowling comes knocking, they answer it with big grins on their faces. After friday night's bowling activity, let it be known that Anakbayan NY/NJ has no interest in playing bowling professionally. They will always stick to what they do best, which is organizing and mobilizing albeit a little R & R with real friends (like Jacq and Bianca) is always welcome so watch out for more of Anakbayan’s fun activities! ###

- Entry by Kathleen Dy

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