Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ka Bel: People's Hero

Ka Bel: People's Hero

AnakBayan pays the highest tribute to Anakpawis Rep. Crisin "Ka Bel" Beltran for his selfless dedication in serving the toiling masses and for his leadership in the people's struggle for national independence and genuine democracy. Ka Bel is a great revolutionary and a hero of the Filipino people.

We salute Ka Bel for his life of arduous struggle and simple living. As a Congressman, he wished no favor for himself and never took advantage of his position. Despite his illness and old age, Ka Bel tirelessly advanced the interest of the masses within the halls of Congress and in the streets. His exemplary life should serve as an inspiration to all freedom-loving Filipinos, especially the younger generation of activists.

Ka Bel represented and still represents the progressive movement and the people's aspirations to rid of oppression and exploitation. For this reason, he was constantly subjected to harassment and suppression by the state in an attempt to demoralize him and weaken the struggle he led. Despite these, he furiously defied state fascism and proved that the people's struggle could triumph over tyranny.

The ruling clique of the Arroyo regime should be condemned for its flagrant act of suppression against Ka Bel. It displayed no regard for his health and old age in its desperate attempt to stay in power. Ka Bel best articulated in his fiery speeches and statements how the Arroyo regime continues to oppress the masses.

Ka Bel's death is a great loss to the progressive movement. The life and death of Ka Bel inspires the youth to persist in the struggle for national democracy. The people shall always remember him; his revolutionary spirit shall live on among the youth and the people he loved and served.

The National Executive Committee


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